I've had the pleasure of working with Ace J in the past of a couple different projects. When he hit me up to shoot part of the video in my studio, of course I obliged. He brought the Fuego record through for the shoot and had me play it before we started shooting, just to get an idea of the record and what we were gonna be doing. Immediately, once the beat dropped, it grabbed it. I'm an engineer so I listen to everything in the record. When the vocals came and the "SHAWTY GOT THAT FUEGO" line dropped. It had me boppin. That shit is so catchy it had me screaming "FUEGO" The rest of the day. The mix sounded amazing as well. Ace always comes with heat, but this one here is a special record, he really got one with this joint. With the winter coming up, you're gonna need a little Fuego in your life. Dope Record Ace!! Keep it up fam!!”

— Pierre Carrillo , Owner. Engineer. Producer. at Sydewayz Soundz

Project Name

Raised on both coast (CA and FL ) Ace J formed a love for different genres . He Found his way to Denver where He started recording music. Since  his professional debut with his album “6887 Ch2 The Take Off" in  2012, which features Texas Artists Lil Young of Swisha House, Manek Beats, and Filero of HTX, Ace J has rocked many shows in Denver and surrounding Cities. He released his self produced full length  sophomore album titled “6887 CH2 The Turbulence“ in 2015 , with singles Make Me and “But First Ima Blaze” featuring International Dancehall Artist MrGBlaze. Ace J created a new way to sell his music that is more fun for the fans at the same cost as CD’s  called The Mile High Package (Package includes USB w/content ,Lighter ,Grinder & stickers) which he has a provisional Patent on . Followed by his Island feel hit single  “FCC” in 2016.


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